Disclaimer: while many of these ideas are leaning towards traditional female preferences, it’s 2021—these gifts can be given to anyone! Not everyone loves a spa set or nailsets and that’s just fine! You know your wedding party better than most others, so get them a unique gift you think they’ll love based on who they are and their own personal preferences.

For the gentlemen, I created a separate blog highlighting great gifts for them as well. You can see it here.

Support small businesses! In this blog, I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite small businesses that I’ve personally worked with or recommend because they deliver awesome service with great results! Keep your eye out for their links!

  1. Matching necklaces, earrings, rings.

If you have multiple members of your wedding party that love jewelry, consider purchasing them a piece of jewelry they could all wear at the wedding to match the aesthetic of the day, and each other! It also doesn’t have to be matching. For my wedding, I chose a necklace for each member of my bridal party that was different and reminded me of them. I had geometric shapes involved in my wedding, so I chose a different shape for each person, and a small note as to why I chose that shape. They were all gold, but weren’t 100% matching, so it really worked out beautifully in the pictures!

@naturestwist and @rawbyoliviamar are fantastic options for jewelry.

  1. Custom boxes – jewelry boxes, wooden engraved boxes. 

A custom box is always a good way to go. A small jewelry box is a staple for many people. A wooden box is great for multiple uses after the wedding. Paper boxes are cheaper, but still stylized, customizable, and useful. Whether the box is the gift itself or it holds the gifts, these boxes will add a little more umph to your gift. You can even go as far as to personalize it a bit! Add an engraving or make it their favorite color. The sky is the limit on these types of things. @autumnwoodwork makes exceptional wooden boxes! But if you’re looking for other kinds, Target has some that don’t come customizable (unless you do it yourself), but Etsy does!

  1. Matching bathrobes and slippers

I’ve seen this popular gift multiple times at weddings and it’s always a hit. How could it possibly go wrong?! There are dozens of styles that most everyone will like available on the market, but they also make getting ready pictures look great! Check out my blog post about getting ready pictures here.

  1. Spa set – wedding ready box

Brides and grooms spend a lot of time getting ready for their wedding day, but so do the members of the wedding party! Since they are going the extra mile to look fantastic for pictures, help them out with a little spa set. This can include things like scented lotion, hand cream, gels, face masks, mud masks, and more.

  1. Wine bottles with custom labels

This is a fun one! But it requires a few extra steps. You’ll have to create a label and glue it on, but once you do, you won’t regret it! You can create a unique label for each member of your line and customize it with names, inside jokes, or your own nutritional label. Throw in a little humor and you have a memorable gift for life!

  1. Custom champagne flutes or tumblers

Most people love gifts that are useful—and I dare say these will come in handy on the wedding day, but also for years to come! They look great in pictures, and you won’t have to figure out which cup is yours on the wedding day. And after Covid, I say that’s a big plus.

  1. Nailsets or Mani-Pedi sets.

Nail sets are the new craze, apparently, because I’m seeing them more and more! Nail sets can be custom made to whatever you want, and then sent to you in the mail. It can be a fun bachelorette party activity to size them and then apply them with your wedding party! You can also do this the morning of the wedding, so everyone has fresh and beautiful nails that match each other! Mani/pedi sets are also great so they can look fresh for your day! Believe it or not, bad fingernail polish DOES show in photos. Just a tip!

  1. Perfume

Perfume is one of the oldest gifts out there, and it’s always a good one. Perfume can be a little tricky because people can be smell sensitive or very picky about how they smell. Don’t be afraid to ask them! If you don’t want to ask them, a good way to handle this that I’ve seen work before is grab samples instead of full bottles and give two to three to each party member. From there, let them know they can trade with other line members to find the perfect fit!

  1. Custom hangers

Custom hangers can be wood, metal or plastic, and can be burned, twisted into shapes, or engraved to make it personalized. This is an awesome gift because it will give your pictures a little extra spice and make the details look flawless! Hangers for bridesmaid dresses are details often forgotten about, so make it a gift that keeps on giving!

  1. Blankets

This is great, especially for winter weddings! You can match it to your color scheme for the wedding day, or you can purchase different blankets for each individual preference. Blankets can be found anywhere and everywhere, are relatively well-priced, and you can never have enough of them! This picture is during an autumn wedding for guests (as you can see, the sign says “to have and to hold, in case you get cold”), but it’s also a great idea!

  1. Custom bag/totes

Bags are a really easy gift that can be filled with additional gifts or be the gift themselves. They are really handy, especially on the wedding day when you’re all getting ready together and there’s a ton of people’s items strewn all over the room. Keep everything organized in a single tote that’s already labeled with their names. Plus, it’s better for the environment than plastic bags, and can be used a lot after the wedding!

  1. Framed dry florals décor

These are super popular right now and absolutely beautiful. They are relatively easy to make yourself with all the materials, or you can purchase one already made to save time. They come in dozens of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can even customize the types of flowers and get something that has a specific meaning (Google the different types of flowers and what they mean!), something that will match your wedding day aesthetic, or their favorite flower! @florabymegan is a local Utah shop that does an amazing job with these!

  1. Custom cookies

These hit different. Custom cookies look like you went the extra mile, because… well, you did! Make sure to get pictures, because they won’t last very long! @sweetcravings12 is the best cookie maker in the west.

  1. Custom paintings or drawings.

This is actually probably my number one favorite. I’ve only seen it once and it’s not as popular because I don’t think many people have considered it. Giving them a memorable piece to frame in their home, you’re guaranteeing that it will become a priceless treasure to them. Whether it’s a painting or a drawing, you can customize it for each member of your line. It can be an image of the two of you together, their home, them and their partner, a pet, and more! My favorite artists for this is @mandylynjaye.tattoo and @thegingerdrawing are phenomenal.

  1. Bath set.

This can be pretty similar to the spa set! It can include anything like bath salts, bath bombs, lotion, candles, a bath caddy, and more. While not everyone loves baths, most everyone loves to be clean! They have cool stuff for showers if baths aren’t your thing (baths aren’t mine so I get it!).

  1. Keychains.

This is a super simple, small gift that doesn’t cost a lot but can still mean a lot to the recipient. You can get these made custom on Etsy, or other places online.

  1. Stationery set – Modernized. 

Stationery sets can be so fun. It doesn’t have to just be old-school letters with envelopes (though, that’s traditionally what’s in it). It can be filled with so many amazing and more “modern” ideas. Some of these ideas could be an assortment of note pads, like to-do lists, grocery lists, planners, calendars, and more. Other fun items like stickers, post it notes, labels, pencils and pens can jazz it up, too! Wax and stamps are a really fun and unique gift to be included, but you can also purchase them in a separate set. This image may be of invitations, but imagine how beautiful a whole set could be!


  1. Charcuterie board set.

Who doesn’t love an assortment of cheeses, crackers, meats, and wines? We all do! Charcuterie boards can be crazy complicated with dozens of awesome options, but they can also be really simple with just your favorite classics. You can go all out and purchase several different food items to go along with a board itself, or you can just purchase a board. These can be found at any major store (Target has some great ones!). But if you want a custom one, Etsy has wonderful artists who can create custom pieces for you. Here’s a few pictures from a recent wedding of their charcuterie board.

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