Mentor Sessions

I offer private mentor sessions AND group mentor sessions (I offer discounts for groups, so grab a friend!). Spend an hour or two with me on an actual session so you can see first-hand what I do, and ask any questions your heart desires. We'll work on what it is that you specifically want to learn. I put together material designed just for you!



I've attended and taught at multiple workshops and it's one of my favorite things to do! Currently, I am aiming to do a workshop November 2019, but it's a busy year! I will keep everyone updated.


Portfolio Review

Whether your portfolio is your website, instagram, or in print, we'll sit down and do a full review of what it is you want to work on and how to get where you want to be!


I'm passionate about teaching!

I've had a camera in my hand for over 15 years and owned a professional business for over ten. I remember what it was like when I first started, and there is so much to learn! I'm constantly striving to learn more and more, and become better and better. I'm passionate about helping others do the same! Reach out and let's talk about making your photography dreams come true.