While I work at dozens of amazing Utah wedding venues, these are a handful of the locations I think photograph beautifully no matter the time of year! In no particular order, of course.


1. The 5th Floor – Ogden, UT

This is a beautiful, chic venue with a great mix of white walls and red brick. The rental collections they have available are outstanding. They have so many different styles ranging from modern to boho, trendy to unique. No matter what styles and colors you’re planning for your event, they will have multiple items that will be a fantastic addition to the décor. https://www.thefifthfloorutah.com 

2. Start-up Building – Provo, UT

This is actually where I chose to have my personal wedding reception! It was absolutely perfect. What I loved about this venue is that you’re able to have the space for all day, instead of a half day or smaller portion of the day. That really helped to have so much plan to prepare the space! There wasn’t an extreme rush, and we didn’t need to hire as many people to help. They also have rentals available that we utilized that work beautifully in the space and are adding more constantly. The outdoor courtyard is made from massive shipping containers! It’s a perfect industrial area that includes a bar area and set-up for a food truck! Peep these pictures from mine and my husband’s wedding (photographer Athena + Camron!). https://www.thestartupbuilding.co

3. The Wild Oak – Lindon, UT

I am SO excited to photograph this beautiful venue this year. It’s a new venue! The way this venue is structured and how it appears in photographs reminds me of many of the Temecula, California venues in wine country. It has a bride’s room AND a groom’s room, which let’s be honest: having both of those really makes everything so much easier. You get such a beautiful view of the mountains here, lots of space, and plenty of beauty to work with. I’d love to work here far more! https://www.thewildoakvenue.com


4. White Shanty – Provo, UT

If you’re wanting a very clean look, this is an amazing venue. It’s mostly white but still has an industrial feel. The large doors and several windows bring in a lot of light, so it’s absolutely stunning late into the summer evenings. There is a separate bride and groom room, which keeps things a bit more organized and easier if you’re wanting to wait to see each other at the aisle! It has a massive square chandelier that can be used for so many amazing designs—I’ve seen florists create incredible things there! https://www.whiteshantyvenue.com

5. La Caille – Sandy, UT

This is an indoor and outdoor venue that will leave you speechless. When La Caille isn’t hosting weddings, it’s a full-time restaurant that has become one of the most famous in Utah. The views of the Rocky Mountains are one of a kind, and in the early fall, they are full of color but the valley is still somewhat warm and green. It’s a beautiful blend of colors that you won’t get many other places in Utah. They have multiple areas you can utilize for getting ready, the ceremony, and your reception. The gardens and the pond area are extremely popular and have become recognizable in photos because of how unique their area is! https://www.lacaille.com/weddings-and-events/


6. Wadley Farms – Lindon, UT

Funny story—this is where my first wedding was! They’ve changed a lot in ten years by adding so much to their space. They have a famous red barn, gorgeous orchards (the blossoms in the spring bring this to life!), and incredible vineyards that can be utilized in pictures. But if you’re swaying away from the farm feel, they have a giant castle that can be rented instead! They can host multiple weddings at a time, making their availability a bit more flexible than other venues. The grounds always photograph absolutely beautifully—it reminds me of a Tuscany feel. If you’re wanting an outdoor/indoor experience, check them out. https://www.wadleyfarms.com

7. Commercial Club Venue – SLC, UT

If you’re wanting something jaw-dropping, stunning, and utterly elegant… this should be at the top of your list. It feels very Victorian and European, which is very unique to Utah. The styling opportunities that can happen here must be endless. They also have a lot of inclusion options that will potentially make planning everything you need so much easier! Another feature is the surrounding area. There is a parking garage right next to this location that makes it so much easier on your attendees! It’s also within my favorite block of the city to photograph—so if you’re wanting some beautiful city shots on your wedding day, this is it. https://www.commercialclubvenue.com

8. Publik – SLC, UT

Publik is a coffee house located in downtown Salt Lake City, and it’s one of the most popular spots for a reason! They have multiple different areas you can photograph beautifully. They have an upstairs area that’s completely white and industrial that is great for getting ready in. You’ll have a fantastic mix of white and bright images and more moody and dark images, as they have a beautiful wooden wall that I absolutely love to photograph. The biggest area is a brick room with beautiful vintage windows. This is commonly the area for the ceremony and reception. You can never go wrong with the classic brick look! https://www.publikcoffee.com/event-inquiries