Disclaimer: like I previously stated in my blog post bridesmaids edition, while many of these ideas are leaning towards traditional male preferences, it’s 2021—these gifts can be given to anyone! Not everyone loves knives and whiskey and that’s just fine! You know your wedding party better than most others do, so get them a unique gift you think they’ll love based on who they are and their own personal preferences.

For the ladies, I created a separate blog highlighting great gifts for bridesmaids as well.


  1. Custom whiskey glasses or shot glasses

These are a really cool and personal gifts that they can use over and over again! They can be used to take shots together as a wedding party throughout the day and this makes for great picture opportunities, but also a ton of fun for everyone.

  1. Custom handkerchiefs

I’ve seen these given as gifts and they work great every time! They can wear it on the wedding day and keep it as a memento for later to remember the day by. You can get names or dates sewn onto them to customize them further for each member if you want to.

  1. Ties/bowties

Ties or bowties can be customized similarly to handkerchiefs. But you can purchase these for your wedding party members so that everyone is wearing matching ties and they are the same color.

  1. Cufflinks

Cufflinks can be a fantastic option that class up your wedding party! While these may be a slightly more expensive option as gifts, they can be a small detail that really pulls everything together. These are easy to find from any major retailer, but also specialty shops such as suit shops or online shops like Etsy.

  1. Watches

These can be a more expensive option as gifts for each individual, but it’s always extremely appreciated. You can find multiple watches to purchase for everyone to match for a relatively good cost. These can be further customized with etching anything you want on the back!

  1. Cologne

Cologne is similar to perfume in that it’s a very personal thing for individuals. People can be sensitive to smells, so it’s important to keep that in mind when considering this gift—but you know your wedding party best!

  1. Custom hangers

This is a small detail often forgotten about—especially for the bros! While it’s not as traditional to get a few pictures as it would be for the bridesmaids, it’s a little extra effort that goes a long way in your photos and for your groomsmen.

  1. Bottle of whiskey or scotch

This goes without saying, but this gift has never failed. You can get a different bottle for each individual person so they each have something they like. If they don’t drink liquor, another great gift is yeti coolers for other drinks to keep them cool. See number twelve.

  1. Shaving kit

Shaving kits are great! You can get an antique set for a good old-fashioned shave, or a more modern option like an electric razor. These are simple and easy gifts because they can be found anywhere, and most guys need them.

  1. Custom t-shirt

I’ve seen the funniest t-shirts given as gifts to each groomsman. They don’t necessarily have to be funny, but if you have a lot of inside jokes between you and the guys, it’s an awesome way to bring it full circle. Not to mention it makes for a great picture opportunity!

  1. Custom pocket-knife

These are a pretty cool and unexpected gift! Obviously handy in many situations, a pocket knife is as customizable as it gets. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

  1. Yeti Can Cooler

If your wedding is in the summer, this is a great option to keep your drinks cool all day long. I’ve owned a Yeti for a while now, and I’ve never found a better thermos. The reviews speak for themselves. They make them for cans, which is great for beers! Or they make wine tumblers, and a variety of different sized thermoses.

  1. Socks

Matching socks has become a hilarious thing that many groomsmen decide to do! I’ve seen clouds and kitten socks, Marvel hero socks, DC hero socks, tacos, or even pictures of the bride or the groom himself. It always brings a great laugh, and the pictures are definitely something to remember.

  1. Cigar box

You can get a box of cigars, one for each member, or you can get a box of cigars for each person! Not everyone smokes, so it may be wise to have a backup option for those in the party that don’t want to partake, but smoking cigars with the boys and even the fathers is an older wedding day tradition that I love photographing.

  1. Suspenders

If you’re wanting the gentlemen to each wear suspenders, consider gifting them to them! Suspenders aren’t expensive, but then you can ensure each member has matching suspenders. Just make sure to get the right size!

  1. Assorted Salsas

You can do no wrong with some great salsas. If you want to mix it up a bit, you can do an assortment of several different things: salsas, hot sauces, meats, whiskeys, and more. Tons of great options you can purchase for each member to enjoy together.

  1. Sunglasses

I mean, who doesn’t need sunglasses? Since it’s one of the things people lose the most, it’s often something people need more of! Check out these pictures of a groomsmen line that did just that!

  1. Shoe polish set.

This is a level-up type of gift that people don’t typically need every day, but it’s a really nice staple to have. Sets can come with a brush, the polish, and an assortment of colors. Brown and black are the most popular polishes, but there’s other options too!