What should I know before booking a wedding florist? 

As a photographer, I get to capture the full vision of my couple’s wedding day as all their ideas come together to create their perfect aesthetic. This means I have the awesome opportunity to work closely with hundreds of talented vendors each year! Luckily, one of the most talented florists I know is actually my sister, Megan, who owns Flora + Fern based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She helped me style this stunning session, and she did all the florals.

What are three things you wish your couples knew when booking a florist? 

  1. Flowers aren’t cheap. They just aren’t. 
  2. You’re paying a professional for their experience–not just the actual flowers. 
    • The design experience is something that comes with years of experience, and that’s worth paying a professional for. 
    • The intensity of stress and time constraints that florists have to work under constantly is not for the faint of heart. You’re paying a florist to hunt down your products, order them, arrange for transportation, and then follow through with the actual transportation. Then they have to have everything they need to put the arrangements together, from floral foam, tape, glue, wire, ribbon, vases, arches, rentals, and more. ALL this, while they still have to keep the product alive and healthy. 
    • Knowing how to create mechanics to get the perfect look you want is worth hiring someone with experience–even if it costs more. Creating flawless arrangements is not a skill developed in a day. There is so much design knowledge that comes into perfecting an intentional piece. 
    • Sourcing floral products is actually super difficult. You have to have dozens of contacts at your fingertips at all times. From decor vases to multiple mechanics, and thousands of different florals available at different seasons, finding what every couple wants is a large task, and it’s not always 100% possible. This isn’t the florist’s fault–it’s just what it is. 
  3. Don’t spend your money on things you THINK you’re supposed to have. Some things that people don’t necessarily want but think they need are things like groomsmen boutonnieres or bridesmaid bouquets, or traditional mother’s and grandmother’s wrist corsages. Put your money towards what will enhance your vision, like larger pieces in bigger spaces so that more photos will be taken of them and more guests can enjoy them. You don’t have to follow outdated traditions, unless it feels right for you!

If you could make any professional recommendation, what would it be? 

Pick something that’s uniquely YOU… but you do want it to be something that feels timeless. There are dozens of trends that go in and out, and something you love now could be potentially something you hate in the future. Remember–your wedding photos will last you a lifetime, but also continue your legacy when you’re gone. If it feels right and it makes you excited, then that’s a pretty good guess that you’re on the right track! 

If you could ask your couples to do one thing, what would it be? 

Give creative freedom to your florist! If you’re hiring a professional florist, trust us! We give the advice we give for good reason, and we provide incredibly valuable knowledge to ensure your wedding day goes as smoothly and as beautifully as possible. While we have multiple clients each year, we truly care so much about each and every one. I for one always want to go above and beyond because seeing my couples eyes light up when they walk into their wedding space is one of my favorite parts of my job! 

What should a strong budget be for beautiful florals in any design and season? 

Floral budgets can really, really vary. But if you’re like me and love a lot of beautiful blooms, you’ll want to plan around $4,000. The national average on Google is extremely incorrect, and gives people a really bad idea of what the reality is. Personally, my minimum is $2,000, and many other florists I know and work closely with also have minimums in the low thousand range. It ultimately depends on what is important to you. Contact me today to get your custom quote! 

What are the three most popular color palettes you work with? 

These are all insanely common, and while beautiful, I do them at dozens of weddings each year: one, white, blush, and greenery. Two, pastel citrus. Three, dusty pinks and cream.

If you’re looking for a modern and unique twist on beautiful florals, try these palettes: muted pastel tones like creams, peaches, soft yellows and pinks. Or all white with minimal greenery. It’s a hint of tradition but modernized and absolutely stunning! 

Vendor Credits: 

Photography: @christieqphotography ⁠⁠

Florist: @flora.by.megan ⁠⁠

Dress: @malmrosebridal⁠⁠

Studio: @studioniorniore⁠⁠

Makeup: @heathersheltonmua ⁠⁠

Model: @munathemodel 

Featured by: @utahvalleybride 

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