Ryan + Lauren’s City Wedding – Detroit, Michigan

The Photos


Obviously, the first one is photos! You just can’t go wrong with some gorgeous downtown images. To work with such unique architecture can really create some cool photos. And the skyline is the limit (ha, get it? haaa). The city skyline is such a beautiful backdrop, no matter the city! Skyline weddings are a thing of beauty. Whether for the ceremony, reception, or both, it’s always a great idea. Guests love it for their own personal photos to remember your day by, and it’s a backdrop you don’t have to do much work for. Rooftop weddings are a perfect way to incorporate the tall, surrounding buildings but still maintain an intimate feel for you and your guests. Venues keep their rooftops private for that very reason. There are rooftop venues in every city readily available to book. I’ve shot at several! And when the sun starts to set, it beautifully reflects off the glass on the skyscrapers around you to create a beautiful orange, red, and purple hue. Make sure to analyze how this light falls on your venue–sometimes those reflections at different times of day can really be quite an annoyance, so ask your venue to show you wedding galleries from the same season around the same time. If you’re over a year in advance from your wedding day, ask to tour the venue around the year mark at the time of your ceremony/reception so you can see it for yourself. But after sunset, it gets even more beautiful because the city lights at night glow like stars in the background, adding such a mood to your event and your photos. It’s such a romantic and beautiful end to an amazing day. 

The Vibes 


Speaking of romance, the city vibe is full of it! It’s become increasingly popular to get married in a beautiful and natural location where the landscape steals the show. But that’s just not a perfect fit for every couple! The city has so many directions you can lean into as you plan the event. Grungy weddings are especially my type of wedding–I’m from Portland, so I’m grunge to the bone. There’s a lot of industrial options that will really complete your vision: neon signs, leather jackets, distinctive architecture. Or a vintage city wedding vibe with antique cars, historical buildings, velvet furniture, jewel tones, and more. Vintage is never going to be out of style. Modern weddings are probably my favorite: gorgeous floral designs, unique backdrops, romantic views, and the wedding dresses are out of this world! These options, amidst many other awesome options, really come to life in the city. 

The Accommodations  


You want easy? Well, the city is exactly that. Everything is within reach for you, for your vendors, and for your guests. Weather’s impact is mitigated by the easy back-up plans that come with being in the city, surrounded by so many options. Typically, most of your vendors will be located in or around the city making things far simpler for planning the logistics. For your out-of-town guests, it’ll be far easier to navigate travel plans. Hotels will be plentiful and so will rental cars or Ubers/Taxi’s if you’re not needing a rental. Gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, and entertainment will keep your guests equipped and busy during the entire wedding week! It can’t all be easy, so keep in mind some details that could impact your big day: parking, directions, traffic, and travel time between locations. All of these things are different for each city, and can even be different for each venue. Ask your planner, your photographer, and your venue what they know so you can be on top throughout the planning process. It’ll go much more smoothly having planned for those seemingly small, but actually big things. 

After Party


I’ve noticed after parties are getting more and more popular! While city venues typically have later cut off time, it still really varies! But most venues have closing times that end the night before your party is over, so having a second spot to continue the party is awesome. This is where the party really relaxes from the structured day, and things tend to get a lil’ crazy. If you want some blackmail for your wedding party, this is the way to do it. After speaking with lots of my couples, some of their favorite memories from their wedding day happen during the after party! I’ve been a part of some dope late nighters. Depending on the city, there’s so many places open to you for this exact thing. Bar hopping is a common option. Making a reservation at a club is another fantastic choice because they’ll be expecting you and can prepare the space for you and your guests. Multiple after party location choices is great for those who just can’t stop ‘til they drop!


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